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The Benefits of Using Compounded Medications

  • Jun 29, 2018
  • by Alliance Spine and Pain Centers
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Compound formulations make it easier for patients to manage pain symptoms and other conditions. Individuals who are placed on a regimen of multiple medications for different conditions may benefit from working with a pharmacist specializing in formulating medications for their patients. A compounding pharmacy may be beneficial to helping patients get the treatment they need in a formulation that works best for them. The physicians at Alliance Spine and Pain Centers often use compounded prescriptions as part of treatment plans for their patients.

Understanding compounding

Many patients struggle with side effects, and symptoms may be exacerbated if a person is on multiple medications. For some, pain on a daily basis is a reality. With the ability to compound multiple medications into a simple custom formulation, patients enjoy a comfortable alternative to taking multiple medications that cause side effects. In cases where a patient may be prescribed a rare medication that may have been recently discontinued, compound formulations may serve as the next best alternative.

How does compounding help patients?

This approach to medication answers the need for custom formulations for people experiencing pain and other symptoms. The diverse needs of a patient may require a physician to create a better treatment approach, which may include custom formulations. Instead of a patient having to take different medications to manage their symptoms, the patient can take one pill that addresses all of the patient’s unique health needs.

What considerations do pharmacists take into account when creating formulations?

A compounding pharmacy specializes in working with patient non-compliance scenarios. Special formulations can be created to account for preservatives, varying strengths in dosages or allergic reactions. Dyes can be eliminated or reduces from certain formulations. Patients unable to take the medication in its regular form may be better able to tolerate it in the form of a topical cream, lozenge or other form of medication. Dosages can be dialed back or increased for different age groups for a better response. Medications can even be flavored to improve the taste and ingestion.

Pharmacists improve the lives of patients prescribed multiple medications. In altering the format and formulation of pills, pharmacists help patients get the treatment and care they need in a manner that works best for them. When patients are better able to tolerate their medications, their quality of life improves and their ability to commit to a regimen is increased.

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